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Fundraise for us

Fundraise for us

As an organisation completely dependent on individual and corporate philanthropy, donations are the fuel which ensures the continued sustainability of our activities, which ensures access to basic necessities required for day to day survival of the urban destitute in our cities.



Help us with your time, capabilities and efforts to help make a difference in the lives of the urban destitute in our cities.



Join us to help make a difference in the lives of the urban destitute in India.

Fundraise for us

Enter the challenging world of non-profit fundraising by ensuring access to basic necessities of life to the urban destitute in our cities. As a fundraiser you will raise funds to help keep us running by mobilising the community to donate to the cause through crowd fundraising initiatives. You will also have an opportunity to enable corporate partnerships.

We believe that Community Fundraising is the most cost-efficient way to raise money, compared to other ways of fundraising. We believe in the cause and our work, and many of our friends and family believe in us, so they are often more happy to help than we might imagine.

We experienced this first hand when during our pilot launch phase we overshot our fundraising targets just through contributions from our friends, family and their social network.

Donate a Birthday

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Why not ask family and friends to donate for a great cause instead of material gifts for  yours or your loved ones’ birthdays?

Online Yard Sale

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Everyone has a closet or garage full of things that they need to get rid of, so urge your community to sell their old lawn mowers, clothes, and furniture online to give for a good cause.

Colony Food Truck / Shop

Icon for food truck sShop

You could organise a community food drive, where people sell home-cooked food and donate the money earned to charity.

Run a Marathon

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If you are a runner or aspire to be one, you might want to consider running for our cause and asking your social network for contributions.


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Ask your friends, family, and others to donate gift cards, gifts, and money that can be raffled off for raising money to support our cause.

BINGO / Tambola

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Everyone loves a rousing game of BINGO / Thumbola. Plus, it’s a fun and easy to plan an event suitable for your friends and family.

Restaurant partnerships

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Connect with your local restaurants to organise food-related events where a percentage of the proceeds go towards supporting our cause

Coin collection drive

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If you own a retail business, restaurant etc. you can put up a collection jar/ piggy bank to collect spare change to support our cause. You can also prompt your neighbourhood businesses to do so.

Please do reach out to us at, +91-9652884745, or on our social media handles (twitter, facebook) if you would like to support us by raising funds on our behalf.

  • All donations to Rozi Roti foundation would be eligible for income tax exemptions under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1962


Food Donors

Food DonorDonate cooked food to distribute among the urban destitute. If you can donate a minimum of 20 meals at least once a week (except Sundays), our Annadanam food van can come to pick up and distribute the food to deserving beneficiaries.

Annadanam Coordinators

Icon of Annadanam coordinatorHelp us organise potential food donations in your locality which our Annadanam food van can come to pick up and distribute to deserving beneficiaries. If you can help coordinate between food donors who live or work near you, we would love to hear from you.

Other Ideas

Icon of other ideasWe fully understand and acknowledge that we do not have a monopoly on great ideas. Do let us know if you can think of other ways to support our cause.

If you are interested to volunteer with us, please fill the form below

Volunteer with us

  • At present we are active only in Attapur, Langer Houz, Narsingi, Gachibowli, Kukatpally, Kondapur, Madhapur, Miyapur and Hitech City localities of Hyderabad, and are accepting food donors and Annadanam coordinators only from among those who are working or living in these localities.
  • We do not accept leftover food.
  • We do not encourage one time food donations.


We are still in the early stages and are not actively looking to recruit interns.

But if you have interesting ideas for internships, we are always open towards them and might be willing to reconsider.

Do drop us a mail at if you think you can contribute to our cause by an internship with us.

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