Project Annadanam

Project Annadanam enables access to clean, safe, and nutritious cooked food to the urban destitute in major Indian cities. We use food vans plying fixed routes in major cities to procure cooked food from volunteers/donors and distribute the food at locations where the urban destitute congregate.

Logo of Annadanam
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The Problem

Image of the biggest problem in India, Hunger

The Solution

Solution to the problem

The Operational Model

  • Food is distributed to the urban destitute at key congregation points such as religious places, slums, pavements, parks, hospitals, etc.
  • Food donors donate food directly and/or sponsor meals for the beneficiaries
  • Vendors are engaged to cook and pack food sponsored by the food donors
  • Food vans collect food from food donors and/or food vendors and distribute it to the beneficiaries
Operational Model


  • Photo of Ashok

    Ashok, 45

    I’m a tailor and work here (pointing to his sewing machine), with my machine out on the streets. The business is erratic, so I can’t afford to buy meals every day from restaurants or elsewhere. Your (Project Annadanam) service is a boon for people like us.

  • Photo of Pullamma

    Pullamma, 49

    My husband is a daily wage labourer. We live hand to mouth on the wages he earns. Receiving food from Project Annadanam helps us save money which we otherwise spend on food. That, in turn, helps us survive on the days when my husband is unable to find work.

  • Photo of Sobha

    Shobha, 28

    They (Team Annadanam) started distributing meals in my locality around the same time I was nursing my child. The food they distribute is nutritious and healthy. These meals helped me quite a bit during the time.

  • Photo of Swaroopa

    Swaroopa, 38

    We usually have only rice and pappu (dal) for lunch on the weekdays. We do have a better meal on Sundays when we have more curries. Our financial situation does not allow us to spend more on food. After Project Annadanam started serving our locality, we can eat better meals at least once every day.

Project Progress

Progress of Annadanam

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